In 2009, the architects Alessandro Liberati and Roberto Straccali founded the “LED Architecture Studio”,and until 2014 they have carried out research in the field of architecture. The name stands for “Logical Efficient Design”. They attended a master of “Architecture Environmental Sustainability and Energetic Efficiency” at the University of Camerino and then they collaborated on the “Technology and Environment Construction” course at the University of Ascoli Piceno. In a rapidly changing era, full of contradictions and fragmentations, they look for the matrix of a logically and efficient key, in order to modify its actual characteristics, based only on the entertainment culture and the consumer mentality. In 2009 they were two of the finalists of the competition for the reconstruction of the post-earthquake city of L’Aquila. In the same year, they collaborated with the avant-garde art group called “Immanentists”. Together with this group, the architects studied the characteristics of the fusion of architecture, art and nature, moreover the research It was concentrated to the main relations between architecture and the different way of life of the society.The two architects can face together in the future new challenges in the architectural search.