Belgorod, Russia


Team Alessandro Liberati, Roberto Straccali, Paolo Fortuna

1  Belgorod city


2a  Belgorod city


2b  Belgorod city


3a Belgorod city


3b  Belgorod city



 4 Belgorod city



5a  Belgorod city



5b  Belgorod city


6  Belgorod city



7  Belgorod city



8  Belgorod city


9  Belgorod city


10  Belgorod city



11  Belgorod city


12  Belgorod city


13  Belgorod city



14  Belgorod city


15  Belgorod city


16  Belgorod city


The project born by the osservation of Belgorod city and its urban structure. The disposition of the city’s streets, big blocks’s districts and buildings disposition into its, had laid the foundation for the design’s solution for this competition. The project for city block, in this competition, includes a rectangle module who was repeated several time for to get a new structure and new configuration. The project consist in a  module with a rectangle platform with parking, techincal rooms and commercial activity. Above the platform there are four building blocks organized around a central courtyard. IIn the buildign blocks there are the apartments and offices. The platform with its four building blocks create the module  who can to be repeat into the district block, to be rotate and mirrored, for always different solutions and combinations. Trough this one module it’s possible to make different combinations and different pubblic spaces among the modules and their different disposition. The pubblic spaces can to be with different configurations and with different funcionts in connection with the distance among the modules and their orientation. The courtyards are think like a semi public spaces, with lawn areas, ahurbs areas, pedestrian paths and benches for relax points. The building module is compose by two different type of cladding: facing with brick veneer and wood panneling (like brise-soleil) for the facades oruond the courtyard. The public spaces are think with two different configuration: the est-ovest axes are like a buolevards, with small squares, green areas, trees, fountains, and with different functions like dehor areas, shadow and playground areas in the summer and, skating rink in the winter season. The north-sud axes are structurated with row of trees, green box, street forniture and with the principal streets for to pass through the district block.