New York, USA

Skyscraper Competition


Team Alessandro Liberati, Roberto Straccali, Roberto Salvatelli, Simone Pirro, Luca Tappatà, Roberto Turtù









Efficient Living Machine is not just a propos al to revise the city, but also and above all an attempt to imagine what could take place in another way, human life on this earth. No longer the home, the workplace, office, supermarket, bar rooted to the ground, but always in constant motion. The new urban space can be imagined as a space where the functions are in a perpetual search of new configurations that follow the socio-political dynamics of a metropolis in constant mutamento.Un place, where to go from his residence or office in a park or in the open countryside will not need to take machine, they will be outside your window.


A skyscraper can change the lifestyle of a metropolis?

A building which in turn becomes an infrastructure able to improve and expand the lifestyle of the metropolis, in turn improving the livability and the energy self-sufficiency. The skyscreaper is proposed as a system of overlapping grid to the existing environment offering a new reading of the city, different from today. Here a series of layers that contain features such as: recreational, farms, pubblic parks, employment, grafted in the current fabric of New York, offer a variety of situations could lead to a new city of morphogenesis. Our skycreaper can offer citizens different lifestyles depending on the level where you are. You can switch it from the Farm, recreation and public parks, residences, offices all closely related to the variety of functions that already exist in the city. The two different meshes between them, arise from the union of the Metro stations, both currently and in anticipation of the future. The first grid more regularly following the ‘plant of the present city of New York, while the second does not take them into account. This spatial structure increases the density of functions, which also have the ability to be mobile and change their configuration to the internal structure of each individual to follow what are the socio-economic dynamics of a metropolis in constant change and implemeting as an evolution of cross programming. The to increase the density of the metropolis itselfinside’s intention to eliminate all private trasport of people, all supported by a strengthening of the public trasport system that varies the speed according to the structure to which report and will follow the style of life. The two grids are connected together by vertical link that join together the various means of trasport and that simultaneously generate new public spaces for socializing such as squares, stations etc… . These vertical connection have, however, especially the function generating power for the self-sufficiency of the new metropolis: electricity, food, heat and oxygen. The eletricity is derived from systems of wind turbines, photovoltaic systems of high concentration and hydrogen system. The food is produced in the farm thus implemeting the food chain is short. The heating is given by the fermentation of organic waste from the farm and the whole city. The oxygen is produced in addition to the green at the various that from the electrolysis and circulated to the domestic buildings to improve the living confort. The city has a system for collecting rainwater, which when purified are-re-entered into the system.

2010 Skyscraper Competition