Moscow, Russia

A101. Urban Block. Competition


Team Alessandro Liberati, Roberto Straccali

































Model created by CEM S.r.l.


Through its exposure, the project guarantees standard of lighting and natural aeration in every flat, assuring suggestive optical views. Instead of dividing the functions of the construction in separated blocks, they are distributed horizontally. The flats are on the upper floors of the building, while the commercial premises and the parking are on the base (of the building). In consequence of that, the different levels achieve their specific quality. The public space incorporates with the neighbourhood. On the first floor, the internal court represents an intimate place and its common-use spaces (only for co-owners) creates an high sociality. The sharing of some services like laundries, meeting rooms, old man centre and so on,  encourages social relations. The flats have a good living quality. Thanks to its private terraces that diversify the offer, the building becomes the holder of a complex world. So, the project represents a mediator between the dream of an isolated house with garden and an elevated dwelling density (need of privacy and, at the same time, need of  human relations with the outside of the building).



  • People can park and reach the flats without walk a lot at the external of the building.
  • There is a low cost because it is used the structure of the building and the bearing that divide the parking from the flats is only five meters wide.
  • The parking is shaded to the outside by a series of shops; the lack of flats at the ground floor guarantees more safety for the inhabitants.



The differentiation of the various dwelling needs obligates us to think about the hearth like a space with variable occupations (like in the past), that guarantees the most possible conformation. The structural module allows a total flexibility in order to guarantee flats of different sizes.


Greenhouses are introduced on the south sides with double function:

  • closed greenhouses: in wintertime they act as thermic accumulator;
  • opened greenhouses: in summertime they guarantee an adequate natural ventilation.


Internal court

To mediate the private and semi-public dimension, the project is developed around spaces destined to leisure like sport, recreation and creativity but at the same time these spaces are able to modify and adapt to the specific needs of the users.


A metal structure is enclosed to the building. It is based on the concept of open building. So the building becomes an evolving machine: it is able to face the continuous variations of the accommodation. It considers the increase and the decrease of the number of the family components and the change of the needs linked to the age and the activities of its members.


A101 Urban block competition