Luanda, Angola



Team Alessandro Liberati, Roberto Straccali












Conceptually, the building grow the ground, the outside raw earth walls define spaces forming a L-plant defining the patio inside the rectangular lot .It creates a continuous wall facing the street leaving the access towards the party walls guaranteeing a good privacy. The massive figure of the building disappears in the central area of the lodge and behind it the housing maintains the lightness being marked by a casing shading.The broad loggia moulds the behavior of a landscape in which the columns evoke the uneven growth of trees and the roof symbolizes the gentle shade offered by entwined foliage.

The perfectly longitudinal form is served for his length by an elevated architectural promenade that, besides fulfilling the distribution function, it serves as a container thanks to the built-in wardrobes between the  walls perpendicular to the path. His houses reject the idea of domesticity as a renouncement, a refuge that excludes, a refusal of what lies outside, but rather embody the idea of an open refuge, an ambiguous concept which reveals itself in its very contradiction.

In fact , inhabiting preserves all of its centrality, without being reduced to something static, but rather being open  to persistent movement, to a constant variation of the element composing it and the space distinguishing it. The idea of transformable refuge, in harmony with the landscape, the natural element and customs.
This building has been designed taking into account the Passive Energy strategy, thus ensuring comfort inside the house. Topics covered:
• The heat capacity of the massive container made of adobe bricks
• Natural ventilation under roofing
• The shielding of solar radiation on the house
• The rainwater collection and storage: Water is used through passive system whose operation stems solely from the project’s basic design choices. As a result , rainwater filtered by the roof /foliage, collected downspouts in the metal-lined above the corridor and stored in the pools.
With regard to the technological aspects of construction the project is conceived with low cost materials :ground, PVC, sheet metal ,and wood from recycled pallets that allow to reenter in the construction costs established by the announcement.
The project in coordination can be achieved even in self-construction; the construction stages therefore are:
1. Realization of the foundation in stone
2. Realization of adobe bricks shaped
3. Dry assembly of adobe brick walls 
4. Realization of the pvc structure
5. ground floor (adobe)
6. Realization of the cover sheet
7. Lime plaster
8. Realization fixtures


Low cost house